My Favorite Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens” ~ The Sound of Music (well, duh!)

On a recent podcast, Gretchen Rubin (actually, her 12-year old daughter, who was a guest on her podcast that day) had a suggestion to have a running list – a journal – of your favorite things. I liked the idea – some thing easy (always important), some thing to look back on and keep track of (oh, how I love to keep track of stuff), some thing that let’s you see how your list of favorite things changes over time – super cool!

So. I started a new page on my blog to keep track of my favorite things. Check it out at

I am finding it so much fun to update this list as things keep popping into my head.

What are some of your favorite things? 🙂


My 18 for 2018

You know that I absolutely LOVE to come up with goals and plans for the new year (whether or not I keep them is another story). On many of the podcasts and blogs that I follow, people are coming up with their “18 for 2018” – setting their goals and intentions for the new year. This is exactly the sort of thing that is right up my alley, so couldn’t resist coming up with my own list.

You ready? Ok, here it is:

  1. Try 300 new recipes
  2. Walk a 1000 miles
  3. Use tote bags for groceries
  4. Read the Harry Potter series
  5. Clear out and de-clutter at least one closet or one room every month
  6. Puppy for the family – figure it out and make it happen in the first quarter
  7. No more than two cups of caffeine per day
  8. No more than one pack of sugar per coffee
  9. No vending machine snacks at work
  10. Make albums of family and vacation pictures
  11. Learn to french braid the munchkins’ hair
  12. Listen to at least one podcast every day
  13. Write at least four blog posts every month (here’s the first one for January!)
  14. Try six new restaurants near home
  15. Use my Nutribullet at least twice a week to make smoothies
  16. Have friends over at least once every quarter
  17. Lunch date with N every month
  18. Go watch “Hamilton” on Broadway

Love my list (if I say so myself). Cannot wait to get started! Especially on 1 and 2 (I mean, the clock is a-ticking).

Did you come up with your 18 for ’18? Do share!

Chinchilla Time

On the first day of school, back in September, little A was thrilled.  “Our class has pet chinchillas, they are super cute and fluffy”, she exclaimed.  I smiled at my little one’s happiness but gave no further thought to the 5th grade fluffies.

Then came October.  Mrs. W sent out an email to the class parents asking if we wanted to host the chinchillas over Christmas.  Little A couldn’t believe that the fluffies were up for grabs, if only for a week or so.  I have told you before that we are not really pet people, and have successfully warded off requests for pets from the girls over the years.  Still, I couldn’t resist little A’s puppy eyes, so I wrote to the teacher offering to host the class pets.  But turned out I was too late.  The chinchillas had already made vacation plans with another family over Christmas (didn’t realize that there’s a line for everything in our Type A school district).

But Mrs. W held out another carrot.  “Little A can host the chinchillas over spring break, if she likes”, Mrs. W offered.  Little A was ecstatic at this second shot.  I thanked Mrs. W and agreed to host them during our 10 day spring break.  Which, back in October, seemed far, far away in the future.  But somehow spring break arrived. Yesterday.


N was traveling, so little A and I brought them home from school, and little N helped me assemble everything.  It’s unbelievable how super cute and precious they are!!  There are four of them in there – Bam bam (the dad), and his kids Roseo, Puck, and the baby of the family, Simba.  The mom (Chi chi) passed away, apparently (that tidbit really tugged at my heartstrings, I have to say).

After mildly (ok, majorly) dreading the coming of spring break and wondering what extra work the chinchillas are going to pile on me (and whining about it to several groups of friends), I am so incredibly surprised at how much I am loving have them in our home.  I mean, I woke up smiling this morning, thinking of the chinchillas settled in downstairs.  Is this what they meant by kallum karaiyum? 😉

We’ve been to Disney Land, Provence, and Paris over spring break before, and we did some really cool things over there.  But I think I am with little A when she says, “this is going to be the best spring break ever”!! 🙂

Revving Up

The last few weeks have been simply delicious – all that white space on my calendar, punctuated mainly by lunch outings with N and some friends, and long morning walks and bike rides.  Mmmm…. just idyllic.  I felt calmer, happier, and more relaxed than I have felt in years.  But everything eventually comes to an end, no?  So, here I am.  With just one day left of my three weeks of swinging solo at home.  Preparing endless to-do lists (which I do find oddly reassuring) as I stand at the cusp of starting my new job, ready to hit the ground running again.

Golu season is almost upon us as well.  Given everyone’s schedule, decided to start strong by hosting right at the beginning of the 10 days of celebrations.  Expecting around 40 women, roughly that many children, and likely a handful of brave (or super social) dads and visiting parents and in-laws at our place this Saturday.  I usually get my knickers in a bunch (is this the right term?) while planning big parties.  But being at home these past few weeks helped.  Shopped at leisure for outfits and accessories for myself and the munchkins (N is on his own, but this is anyway a women’s festival, no?).  Also spent hours (no, make that days) shopping for pretty little thamboolam bags and fillers, planning the menu, calling the caterer, etc., and really enjoyed shopping (which is not usual for me).  The girls and I haven’t learnt any songs this year, so we plan to talk our way to sundal instead.  Which I think we will do pretty well. 😉

Lots of celebrations coming up in the next three months – Navarathri, Deepavali, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Kaarthigai, Christmas (did I miss anything?).

Wish you a wonderful start to the holiday season!  Now, it’s your turn to wish me luck with my new gig. 🙂