Told you that I would be back, didn’t I? Didn’t expect that I will be back in 10 minutes, but that’s where we are. You ready?

I was called kaiku
When little. Did someone know
That I will haiku?
Paruppu saadam
With green cabbage and keerai
To top off, baadam.
Learnt something today
Haiku-ing makes me silly
All play, no work, yay!

I LOVE it, if I say so myself. ūüôā



On a recent podcast, Gretchen Rubin recommended writing a haiku. Really caught my attention.

You know what’s coming next, don’t you?

Oh oh, you say? Correct.

Here are a couple that I just wrote.

Starting to Haiku
It will be super fun; you
Try too, no saaku

(who said it should all be in one language?)
Teen on her iPhone
Engrossed in what, I wonder
Best leave her alone
Ugh, dirty dishes
Calling out my name, oh no
Time to feed fishes

Ok, the last one is kinda petty, and just my immediate to do list. Still. You get the idea.

I am finding it quite tough to follow the 5 syllable – 7 syllable – 5 syllable rule. Not a lot of room there, forces you to be creative. Think I will rhyme the first and the last lines (for more fun).

I am liking this haiku-ing. Makes me focus with a lot more intention on things going on around me. Hmmm…. Think I will write at least a few haikus a day and publish them here.

Don’t go away, I’ll be right back. ūüėČ

Baahubali 2

Watched Baahubali 2 last night with the family. What rock have you been living under, you ask? Well, getting to a movie within a month of its release is pretttty good for me. Was quite surprised when, early last week, both little N and little A agreed to go (almost never happens). N and I immediately rushed to advance purchase the tickets just in case (i) one of the chickis changed their mind at the last minute; and (ii) the considerable desi population in our neck of the woods all decide to land on B2 at the same time as us.

Reached the theater half an hour in advance with me fretting that all the good seats would surely be taken. Entered the theater to find that we were amongst the first there (and later realized that the desi population had all come and gone in the past month). Anyway, settled in with a bucket of popcorn and too many mozzarella sticks to enjoy the second coming of Baahubali.

My impressions:

1. Amarendra Baahubali way more impressive than Mahendra Baahubali. Same dude, but Baahubali dad somehow had better presence than junior.

2. Tamanna had a miniscule role in B2, which made it a big win for me already (sorry, that chick resembles Angelina Ballerina too much for me to take her seriously).

3. Anushka seemed more in her element in B2 than in any of the Singams. Perhaps it helped that Baahubali is roughly a foot taller than the petite lion. ūüėČ

4. Cast of a million in B2, but a lot of them had weighty roles. Quite something, how they managed that.

5. Lots of violence, but like little N pointed out, when too many people get killed in a movie, it’s somehow less violent than when only a couple of people get murdered. True, that.

What I personally found v. impressive?

Baahubali standing up to his formidable mom in support of his fianc√© saying “Amma, you were wrong.” Powerful message. Finally a movie from Desiland with incredibly strong women characters, and a too-good-to-be-true valiant and super supportive husband. This chick dig.

Bachelor boys, take note and learn! ūüėČ

Not a Prayer

Amma and I were at¬†the temple to do vadai malai for Anjaneyar today.¬† Where were the others, you ask?¬† Well.¬† The last vadai malai was just a couple of weeks ago.¬† Decided (correctly) that there will be a minor rebellion from the other three if the temple outings got too frequent,¬†so didn’t even¬†invite them to come along.¬† For which they were infinitely grateful.

The temple¬†parking lot¬†was quite empty when we got there, which was promising.¬† I absolutely love having our little local temple to myself –¬†sitting there in that serene environment alone with my thoughts and prayers soothes me like nothing else.

You know where this is going, don’t you?

We entered the temple and it was largely empty, except for a group of about 20 people, deeply engaged in chanting/singing Sundarakandam in front of Anjaneyar.  Which could have been quite fine, really.  Except, they were each singing to their own tune, loudly and confidently.  Which the (dormant) singer in me found mildly amusing and (with the passage of time) a tad annoying.  The priest quickly decorated Anjaneyar with our malai and disappeared off to a remote corner of the temple (no prizes for guessing why).

Amma and I sat for a half hour but there was no sign of Sundarakandam ending.¬† I looked at the prayer books that the people were singing from, and it seemed like they were not even half way through.¬† I had spent all my morning making the vadais, so there was still the small matter of getting back home and¬†organizing lunch for our party of 5.¬† It was noon by then, the clock was a-ticking and my stomach was rumbling.¬† Plus, the singing was totally starting to get to me.¬† The accompanying tabla had a beat going that was like the beginning of “inji iduppazhagi”.¬† Leave alone sitting in serene environment with my prayers, there was no getting through even one little slokam in the middle of all the chaos.¬† Made an executive decision to leave the vadai malai with Anjaneyar (let the singers enjoy the prasadam), and¬†made a speedy exit.

Oh, one coherent thought did cross my mind while sitting there listening to the singing.

Yennamma, ippdi pannreengale maa” ūüėČ

Multitasking Mania

Surely something’s wrong when I am standing fully dressed in work clothes and:

  • Making dosais for my breakfast
  • Eating aforementioned dosais while hovering¬†between the stove and the nearby countertop
  • Making mini-trips between dosai bites to the fridge and microwave to plan and pack my¬†lunch
  • Brewing my¬†coffee on the side to take with me¬†on my ride to work

And still giving sidelong glances at my laptop sitting on the kitchen table, with a nagging feeling that I should be more productive and get a head start on my work rather than waste time on inessentials like food.

It’s going to be a busy work day, but really, my first meeting is not for another three hours.¬† So what’s up with the constant drive to be productive?¬† Che!

Are you this crazy too?¬† Please tell me you are. ūüôā


I was in Boston earlier this week for a business trip. The last out of town business trip that I went on was in November. Of 2001. Before little N was even on our radar.¬† Amazes me, given the ambitious career woman image that I put out (and actually have of myself).¬† But I am happy that¬†it’s worked out well so far for me.¬† I dislike any time away from the family, and don’t think frequent business trips are my style at all.¬† Spent my one free evening wandering around Quincy Market (shopping for little gifts for¬†my munchkins).

The upcoming months¬†are full of travels.¬† N is off to India this week for 10 days to spend some time with his mom.¬† He will spend part of his birthday there, and part¬†of it here – should be interesting!¬† I have another business trip to Virginia coming up in May.¬† The trip to Boston was to prep for the upcoming trip, so I can’t whine about too many¬†business trips coming my way back-to-back (but I sure will if even one more pops up on¬†my radar this year).

N has two other business trips coming up in June.¬† I have totally lost count of his travels.¬† Find myself wondering why¬†it’s¬†(relatively) easy for N to up and leave for business trips, while I churn and plan and schedule every tiny bit of detail endlessly.¬† Perhaps because N’s word is “Work” and mine is “Mom”.¬† I wrote about this almost five years back (¬† Deep, no?

Speaking of trips and more trips, we¬†will be off to Indonesia and Singapore later this summer for two and a half weeks of pure sun and fun.¬† Now,¬†that’s one trip you won’t¬†hear me complaining about! ūüėČ

Blackboard Wisdom

Blackboard wisdom has been going strong for two years now.¬† I don’t change the quotes every day (not so much vetti), but have been changing them pretty consistently once every week or so.¬† My cleaning lady, H,¬†totally enjoys reading and commenting on them, so I remember to change my quotes at least before she shows up.

Here’s the latest.

Nice, no?

I am currently in fantastic oasis situation (mentally, of course).  Just got through two weeks of intense craziness at work, and am looking ahead at (and dreading already) a couple of really crazy weeks coming up at the end of April and in early May.  However, at this moment, I am poised at the beginning of a (relatively) light week and working from home (spring break!).

Think I will use this fabulous (and rare) idle time to sprout lots of¬†blackboard wisdom.¬† And hopefully remember some of it when s&^t hits the ceiling in a couple of weeks. ūüėČ