Kaiku’s Haikus

Haiku-ing is fun
When I’m bored out of my mind
Please let this be done

Boring work meeting
People droning on and on
Gives me a beating

Bottled water hot
Is quite great to hold when cold
But blanket it’s not

Temples, beaches, volcanoes
Gorgeous Asia

Snowy days, oh boy
Unexpected time at home
Fills people with joy

Reading lots of books
She thinks is seventh heaven
But she also cooks

Lots of museums and shows
Yei, nee poniya? 🙂

Doing work from home
Masala chai any time
Makes it all worthwhile

New Jersey snow storm
Schools closed, no lunches to pack
Makes one happy mom!

Biking at twilight
Fabulous days of our lives

Beautiful summer
Glorious sunshine, long days
Winter’s a bummer.

Solitary morning walk
Glorious sunshine.

Walking down bike path
As morning commute snarls by
Lovely job I hath.

Pausing during walk
Writing haikus as I go
What a load of crock! 😉

Girls busy with work
Amma and I playing games
Ageing is a perk.

Monkey mind worries
About every tiny thing
So exhausting, geez!

Let go, relax, rest
As much as I try to do
Not what I do best.

Waiting for the bus
People staring at their phones
Each in their own world.

(Couldn’t get this one to rhyme, but thought WTH, so threw it in there)

Lady Liberty
Smiles at me as I commute
To New York City

In New York City
But only for work meetings
Oh, what a pity!

Little coffee shop
Opened up near my work
Cappuccino free!

Fossil hunting trips
With my fifth grader’s class, put
A smile on my lips.

Giant trampoline
Simple sweet childhood pleasures
Happiness, indeed.

Pretty window box
Outside my kitchen window
Truly, nature ROCKS!

Sweet moment this is
At the start of long weekend
Mini naps are bliss.

Lunch with a close friend
Catching up after ages
Working from home ROCKS!

Gone are allergies
Finally I can step out
And savor the breeze.

So tough it is, no?
With people you care about
Learning to let go.

Memorial Day
Heralds the start of summer
Sun, fun, ice cream, yay!

Walked in for blood work
Ten people ahead of me
Long, hungry wait, ugh!

Way too many syllables
Need more brevity.

I was called kaiku
When little. Did someone know
That I will haiku?

Paruppu saadam
With green cabbage and keerai
To top off, baadam.

Learnt something today
Haiku-ing makes me silly
All play, no work, yay!

Ugh, dirty dishes
Calling out my name, oh no
Time to feed fishes

Teen on her iPhone
Engrossed in what, I wonder
Best leave her alone

Starting to Haiku
It will be super fun; you
Try too, no saaku

(who said it should all be in one language?)