Exploring New Worlds

What’s better than stalking your first born on Instagram?  Getting a life, and getting your own instagram account.  I have always wanted to do more with photography.  Maybe getting an instagram account will be the nudge that I needed.

After I signed up for a wordpress account, I hung out for another three months before I wrote my first post.  Perhaps my instagram account will follow the same path.  But I feel hopeful.  I really think I will do better with instagram.  After all, how hard is it to post a picture every now and then?  Plus, I have already made progress.  My first picture is up and everything (although, you’ve already seen this particular picture recently).

So.  Look me up at (is this how you say it?) momto_2cuddlebugs.

See you over there! 🙂


‘Tis the Season

We bought this little (plastic) tree from the local Michael’s store when little N was two (and little A was a distant bundle of joy planned for “sometime in the future”).  We’ve added an ornament or two (and sometimes four or five) to this tree every year.  Buying new ornaments over the Thanksgiving weekend has become a much anticipated tradition in our household.

Every year, we consider whether to upgrade to a bigger (or a real) tree.  But I find it really hard to retire this cutie, with all the memories that it holds.

DSC_0417 DSC_0418 DSC_0423

Wishing you a wonderful holiday season! 🙂

Photo of the Week – 17

photo (3)

Little A created this for Heritage Day at school.  Growing up, I was a complete “nyana-sooniyam” with respect to Art (and continue to be so).  In fact, art was the single biggest terror of my life till 8th grade (when art lessons were finally no longer on the curriculum).  So.  It gives me immense pleasure that both the munchkins enjoy art so much, and come up with such pretty creations.

Hmmm…. lucky that they take after Dad here, no? 😉

Photo of the Week – 16

As I was driving little N to a birthday party at a local skating rink, she and I suddenly saw this giant Buddha statue in the backyard of what appeared to be a residence.  Turns out it’s not a residence.  The sign on the property reads “New Jersey Buddhist Vihara”.  We have seen this statue several years back.  I recall being just as impressed by it back then as I was on saturday.  Somehow, just totally forgot about it with the passage of time.

photo (2)

So.  It was such a pleasure to suddenly see it again!  Don’t know why all things Buddhist give me so much joy.  Surely, I must have had some serious connections to the Buddha in a past life.

Oooh, maybe I was a little Bodhisattava? 😉