Blackboard Wisdom

This is a tough week at work for both N and me, and little N is super busy with her summer course as well. The atmosphere at home is pretty intense already, and it’s only Monday. Decided to spew some pep talk on my kitchen blackboard – some pearls of wisdom to give hope and sanity to the busy bees (mostly self).

Nice, no?


7 thoughts on “Blackboard Wisdom

    • I don’t always follow them, but recently I have been remembering them quite well and timely too. I was getting ready to lecture little N earlier this week and suddenly I remembered that “sometimes you need to stop being an advisor and become a cheerleader”. Don’t know I was all that cheery but at least held my tongue and didn’t dole out any “mother knows best” type advice. šŸ™‚

      • Like my daughter calls me, I am a bit of a dinosaur. By emojis you mean those yellow smiley faces and their related cartoon figures, right?
        No, I don’t.
        On a related note, this morning, I was messaging a friend, making plans for a girls dinner out tonight. My daughter looks at our sms exchange and wonders if all moms message their friends like it is a job application ! Did I say dinosaur?

      • Oh, I misunderstood the question. In your comment is it? Oh yeah, I have a teenage daughter. She rubs off on me sometime. Her messages are something like this:
        mom (emoji emoji emoji) pls(some more emojis) can (emoji) u (emoji emoji emoji) buy (emoji emoji emoji emoji) chocolate (emoji emoji emoji emoji) 2day emoji emojii emoji emoj0 iemoji emoji emoji emoji emoji emoji)

  1. I love the second one – everything in life is only for a while – very true and one that I needed to hear. Thanks for sharing! Best wishes with the intense week for your family.

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