Baahubali 2

Watched Baahubali 2 last night with the family. What rock have you been living under, you ask? Well, getting to a movie within a month of its release is pretttty good for me. Was quite surprised when, early last week, both little N and little A agreed to go (almost never happens). N and I immediately rushed to advance purchase the tickets just in case (i) one of the chickis changed their mind at the last minute; and (ii) the considerable desi population in our neck of the woods all decide to land on B2 at the same time as us.

Reached the theater half an hour in advance with me fretting that all the good seats would surely be taken. Entered the theater to find that we were amongst the first there (and later realized that the desi population had all come and gone in the past month). Anyway, settled in with a bucket of popcorn and too many mozzarella sticks to enjoy the second coming of Baahubali.

My impressions:

1. Amarendra Baahubali way more impressive than Mahendra Baahubali. Same dude, but Baahubali dad somehow had better presence than junior.

2. Tamanna had a miniscule role in B2, which made it a big win for me already (sorry, that chick resembles Angelina Ballerina too much for me to take her seriously).

3. Anushka seemed more in her element in B2 than in any of the Singams. Perhaps it helped that Baahubali is roughly a foot taller than the petite lion. 😉

4. Cast of a million in B2, but a lot of them had weighty roles. Quite something, how they managed that.

5. Lots of violence, but like little N pointed out, when too many people get killed in a movie, it’s somehow less violent than when only a couple of people get murdered. True, that.

What I personally found v. impressive?

Baahubali standing up to his formidable mom in support of his fiancé saying “Amma, you were wrong.” Powerful message. Finally a movie from Desiland with incredibly strong women characters, and a too-good-to-be-true valiant and super supportive husband. This chick dig.

Bachelor boys, take note and learn! 😉


1 thought on “Baahubali 2

  1. We haven’t even watched Bahubali 1. The rock we have crawled under is pretty massive.
    I hear the special effects and grandeur is of Disney scale.
    When I read a post like this, I have a tiny temptation to watch it, but then, when I think of the melodrama that the movie would involve, I get better 🙂

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