Blackboard Wisdom

Blackboard wisdom has been going strong for two years now.  I don’t change the quotes every day (not so much vetti), but have been changing them pretty consistently once every week or so.  My cleaning lady, H, totally enjoys reading and commenting on them, so I remember to change my quotes at least before she shows up.

Here’s the latest.

Nice, no?

I am currently in fantastic oasis situation (mentally, of course).  Just got through two weeks of intense craziness at work, and am looking ahead at (and dreading already) a couple of really crazy weeks coming up at the end of April and in early May.  However, at this moment, I am poised at the beginning of a (relatively) light week and working from home (spring break!).

Think I will use this fabulous (and rare) idle time to sprout lots of blackboard wisdom.  And hopefully remember some of it when s&^t hits the ceiling in a couple of weeks. 😉


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