Chinchilla Time

On the first day of school, back in September, little A was thrilled.  “Our class has pet chinchillas, they are super cute and fluffy”, she exclaimed.  I smiled at my little one’s happiness but gave no further thought to the 5th grade fluffies.

Then came October.  Mrs. W sent out an email to the class parents asking if we wanted to host the chinchillas over Christmas.  Little A couldn’t believe that the fluffies were up for grabs, if only for a week or so.  I have told you before that we are not really pet people, and have successfully warded off requests for pets from the girls over the years.  Still, I couldn’t resist little A’s puppy eyes, so I wrote to the teacher offering to host the class pets.  But turned out I was too late.  The chinchillas had already made vacation plans with another family over Christmas (didn’t realize that there’s a line for everything in our Type A school district).

But Mrs. W held out another carrot.  “Little A can host the chinchillas over spring break, if she likes”, Mrs. W offered.  Little A was ecstatic at this second shot.  I thanked Mrs. W and agreed to host them during our 10 day spring break.  Which, back in October, seemed far, far away in the future.  But somehow spring break arrived. Yesterday.


N was traveling, so little A and I brought them home from school, and little N helped me assemble everything.  It’s unbelievable how super cute and precious they are!!  There are four of them in there – Bam bam (the dad), and his kids Roseo, Puck, and the baby of the family, Simba.  The mom (Chi chi) passed away, apparently (that tidbit really tugged at my heartstrings, I have to say).

After mildly (ok, majorly) dreading the coming of spring break and wondering what extra work the chinchillas are going to pile on me (and whining about it to several groups of friends), I am so incredibly surprised at how much I am loving have them in our home.  I mean, I woke up smiling this morning, thinking of the chinchillas settled in downstairs.  Is this what they meant by kallum karaiyum? 😉

We’ve been to Disney Land, Provence, and Paris over spring break before, and we did some really cool things over there.  But I think I am with little A when she says, “this is going to be the best spring break ever”!! 🙂


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