Little Notes

Little N is in Philly this afternoon for an orchestra rehearsal.  Decided to use the time to tidy up around her room a bit.  As I was freshening up the sheets on her bed, happened to glance at the bookshelf nearby, and saw a few notes lying there. Off and on, when I feel like it, I leave little notes for the munchkins on their pillows. We don’t particularly talk about the notes (who remembers such vetti things while scrambling to get ready in the morning?). So it’s something that I do now and then, but really nothing that’s on our radar. You know what I mean.

So. When I was cleaning little N’s room, I found this note that I had written a few weeks back.  And little N’s response.

Such a little thing, but it made me soooo happy.  Mmmmm…. the best things in life are truly free. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Little Notes

  1. I keep catching up your post on feedly, but have not been commenting. Sorry! Just not the note but your habit of leaving notes is so adorable, love it!

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