Happiness is….

Arriving back home when the lights are just coming on


Home-made (lavender, frankincense, and shea butter) soap made by my little A


Friday lunch date with N at Mitthaas (LOVE working within a couple of miles from N’s work!)


Our brand new Nutribullet that makes awesome smoothies (even I am taking in more fruit this way)


Also, this is a four day long weekend, and the weather is just fabulous (70 degrees F in the middle of February!). We are soooo looking forward to a day of wandering around the streets of Philadelphia (sun and fun!).

So tell me, what made you happy this week? 🙂


One thought on “Happiness

  1. Interesting that I read this today.
    This morning, when the alarm rang, V sleep-walked over to my bed, hugged me tight and fell asleep. The first thought I had this morning was “what joy is it having V hug me awake in the morning”. We cuddled a little longer before I got off bed for my day. I feel wonderful now.

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