First post of 2017.  Cannot believe that I actually went almost a month without writing here!  So, let me start with…. Happy New Year!  And a little take-it-easy post on Happenings in my corner.

Things have been super busy around here for all of us – work, school, home, activities – it’s been nonstop.  A lot of times (like right now), our home resembles the quiet zone of a library.  Little N and little A are both poring over their homework, Amma is reading “Tapovan Prasad” while reclining in her favorite chair, I am writing (while keeping half an eye on the vendakkai roast that is cooking for dinner), and N is on the computer (scoping out our next vacation, no doubt).  Planning to unwind by watching “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya” tonight with Amma and N (if we don’t fall asleep by 9 pm).  Sounds like a mindless, fun flick.  We’ll see!

Had a ton of fun figuring out our Patronuses on Pottermore (have you tried this?).  Some outcomes made total sense (little N’s patronus is an eagle, little A’s is a dolphin, and mine is a St. Bernard), and other a little less so (Amma’s is an adder, and N’s is a wild cat).  Hmmm… maybe I should buy patronus charms for everyone, wouldn’t that be cool?

I am yet to start on my fitness goals for 2017 (no surprises there, you say?).  Really need to start soon.  But where to start?  That is the question.  I know.  I will start by locating my Fitbit and charging it.  That way, I will be ready to wear it and start (ahem!) exercising next week.  Baby steps!! 🙂

In addition to my word of “fitness” for 2017, I also came up with a color for the year.  You ready?  “Rose Gold”.  Rose for health and fitness, and Gold for excellence.  Clever, no?  Plus, I really do love the color.

Hope you’ve been having a wonderful 2017 so far too! 🙂


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