Three Quote Challenge – Day 3

Back in June of this year, we attended little N’s 8th grade salute.  At the event, one of the speakers was the high school principal, Dr. D, welcoming the incoming freshman class.  He was an engaging speaker, I recall.  Something that he said that evening caught my attention.  I looked it up, and (dang!) couldn’t find it attributed to any work of literature or anything.  Could the man have possibly come up with this himself?  Hmmm….

Anyway, here is what he said.

He is he, she is she, you are you, and that will be.

I was struck by the wisdom in those words.  Directed at an audience that most needed it – the ultra-competitive tiger cubs in our school district – revving up at full throttle even at the start of their high school journey.  And perhaps indirectly directed at a population that needed it even more – the double ultra-competitive tiger parents proudly watching their offspring from the bleachers.

I recall this sage quote during my own day to day (not-so-ideal) interactions.  Interactions with the “friend” that seems to reach out whenever she wants something but disappears at almost all other times.  Interactions with the colleague who moves like molasses, without a care that the team’s project deadline is looming.  The pangs of envy that I feel when I struggle big time with something that seems to (undeservingly) come so easily to another.  You get the picture.  Frustrating as such interactions can be when they happen, it is important to remember that people are inherently different.  And life is a lot easier if one just accepts those differences instead of fighting them.  This quote drives that concept home for me, oh so eloquently.

And that makes three! 🙂


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