Three Quote Challenge – Day 2

Today’s quote comes to you bright and early.  Again, this one is not from my Favorite Quotes page.  What’s the point of having such a page if my actual favorites are not in there, I am beginning to wonder.  Hmmm…

This quote is from the 1971 song “Anticipation” by Carly Simon.  Never heard of it, you say?  Me neither.  I actually thought for a while that I might have come up with this quote on my own (how clever would that be, huh?).  Googled it just to check if someone else had come up with it first.  And sure, someone had.  Before I was born, in fact, so there’s no contest there.


This quote has been on my kitchen black board for the last couple of weeks.  I really, really like it.  It reminds me to savor the present moment and appreciate what’s in front of me, instead of always reaching and planning for something in the future.  A future that may or may not materialize the way I envision it.  Right now, N and I are (relatively) young and healthy, the kids are (definitely) young, happy, healthy, and still living with us under one roof, that roof is a lovely one (celebrating 12 years in our home today!)… lots of things to be thankful for.  If only I can remember to be thankful.

The other day, N and I had both forgotten to start the dishwasher before we went to bed.  I overslept (which I rarely do), and arrived in my kitchen an hour later than usual to get started on making tea and lunch for the munchkins and myself.  Remembered that we had run out of ginger the previous day, so tea was going to be ginger-less.  To my further annoyance, noticed that my tea paathram was still sitting in the dishwasher, and needed to be cleaned out first.  Hand washing dishes is my biggest beef.  Just refuse to do it.  So, I started looking for a Plan B paathram to get my tea going.  The clock was a-ticking, and I saw Plan B paathram smiling at me from the dishwasher as well.  That’s when I happened to glance up at the black board and saw this quote.

Imagine how I felt (ada che, if these are the good old days!!).

In all seriousness, though, this quote reminds me to look past the little day to day inconveniences, and keeps in check the petty griping that I sometimes want to indulge in.  Despite the occasional ginger-less-ness of my tea, and the dirty dishes in the dishwasher, I know that I will look back on this time as one of the best times of my life.

And for that little nudge, this quote is the winner of spot #2 on this three quote challenge. 🙂


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