Braces Off

Little N got her braces in August 2011, a few days before her 9th birthday.  I wasn’t blogging yet, or else you would have heard all about it in real time (you lucked out!).  Little N felt weirded out at first, couldn’t talk right, and could only consume a liquid diet for several days.  But she was such a trooper, and didn’t complain much at all back then.  Or since.  Indeed, over the years, she has shown remarkable stoicism and patience (which I can, personally, only dream of).  She was uncomplaining through countless adjustments and tightenings, and only asked to be compensated with frozen yogurt from Red Berry after a few particularly harrowing appointments.

Well.  Today was the big day.  I worked from home for the special occasion.  Picked up little N from her school and we made our way to the orthodontist’s office (which was verrrry empty, gotta love the mid-morning weekday appointments!).  One hour later, just like that, little N was done.  We stopped for a quick lunch at our local pizza place, and I dropped her back in school.

It’s been a long five years.  I am super happy for my munchkin, and am delighted to see her pearly whites again.  She said that it felt weird, not having all that metal in her mouth.  Funny, what you can get used to, no?

Little A is on Year 2 of her braces.  Hope that she has less than three more years to go.  And, more importantly, that some of her sister’s stoicism rubs off on her too.  Fingers crossed! 😉


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