Revving Up

The last few weeks have been simply delicious – all that white space on my calendar, punctuated mainly by lunch outings with N and some friends, and long morning walks and bike rides.  Mmmm…. just idyllic.  I felt calmer, happier, and more relaxed than I have felt in years.  But everything eventually comes to an end, no?  So, here I am.  With just one day left of my three weeks of swinging solo at home.  Preparing endless to-do lists (which I do find oddly reassuring) as I stand at the cusp of starting my new job, ready to hit the ground running again.

Golu season is almost upon us as well.  Given everyone’s schedule, decided to start strong by hosting right at the beginning of the 10 days of celebrations.  Expecting around 40 women, roughly that many children, and likely a handful of brave (or super social) dads and visiting parents and in-laws at our place this Saturday.  I usually get my knickers in a bunch (is this the right term?) while planning big parties.  But being at home these past few weeks helped.  Shopped at leisure for outfits and accessories for myself and the munchkins (N is on his own, but this is anyway a women’s festival, no?).  Also spent hours (no, make that days) shopping for pretty little thamboolam bags and fillers, planning the menu, calling the caterer, etc., and really enjoyed shopping (which is not usual for me).  The girls and I haven’t learnt any songs this year, so we plan to talk our way to sundal instead.  Which I think we will do pretty well. 😉

Lots of celebrations coming up in the next three months – Navarathri, Deepavali, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Kaarthigai, Christmas (did I miss anything?).

Wish you a wonderful start to the holiday season!  Now, it’s your turn to wish me luck with my new gig. 🙂

4 thoughts on “Revving Up

  1. Best wishes to you on your new gig.

    You are brave to have so many folks. How do you plan for the golu visitors in terms of food and thambulam – that’s the piece that I so not cherish – keep swinging between what if I run out of stuff and what if I end up with a whole lot of unused stuff. No golu at our place this time, may end up visiting friends’ places.

    • Thanks, Maha! Yes, planning for Golu makes me quite anxious – what if I run out versus what if I have to throw out a whole bunch of excess… Having an excess of thamboolam bags I don’t mind, I can keep them for next year (if I remember where I put them). The food is more tricky – this year I making some and catering some. Hopefully, there’s enough for everyone (but not too much that it goes to waste). We’ll see. Enjoy your Golu outings. Hopefully you have songs ready!

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