Living the Dream

Andha vinnil aanandam, indha mannil aanandam, adi bhoomi pandhai mutti vandha pullil aanandam”

On our typical day, little A and myself are the last two out of the house.  But these are not our typical days now, are they?  Hehehehee…. Day 4 of vettiness at home, and still cannot stop smiling.

So.  After little A got on her bus this morning, went for a long walk on the bike path around our neighborhood.  Did not bring my iPod along, so it was just the pitter patter of my feet that kept me company.  My mind was super tranquil (big change, that!), so no inner chatter either.  Just mein aur meri tanhaayi.  And the gentle early morning September sun in my face.  Was quite a delight, really! 🙂

Knowing that my “no cares in the world” time at home is quite limited makes me want to squeeze out every last drop of fun out of every day (hmmmm…. aggressive relaxation?!).  I am being super productive as well.  Finished a boat load of that insurance stuff yesterday (nothing like starting strong!), planning to wade through more paperwork today, and am putting out decent food at every meal (masala dosais for breakfast – how about that!!).  Driving up this afternoon to meet N for lunch at a desi buffet near his work.  Love it that it’s not one of his super busy (or travel) weeks, and we can do lunch together.  Have coffee outings, walks, and lunches planned for the next two weeks with friends that I haven’t seen in a while.

Mmmmm…. could totally get used to this life!  N, are you listening? 😉


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