August has been an incredibly busy month.

We went away on vacation in the beginning of the month.  How busy could vacation possibly be, you ask?  Oh, but it was.  Little N had an exam she was taking the day after our return (poor timing, yes, I know).  So, in between oohing and aahing over the sights, the girl spent several hours every day with her nose to the grind.  She did really well on the exam (no pain, no gain, right?).  But clearly, we will need to be more mindful about timing our future vacations – for the next eight years, in fact – given that little A will enter high school just as little N leaves for college.  Hmmmm…. some serious working years coming our way.

Celebrated two birthdays in the family (little N and myself), and remembered Appa’s birthday (he would have turned 78 on August 9th).  Little N turned 14 (seriously, where did the time go??), and I turned (ahem!) a year older.

Returned from vacation and gave notice at work (yes, you read that right).  I have been feeling antsy and ready to take on more for several months now.  The right opportunity came up, and I decided to reach for it.  Super excited about this new professional journey that I am about to take.  And hope it’s the right fit for me.  I gave three weeks notice.  V. generous – several people remarked – which made me wish that I had given the typical two.  Oh well.  I will still have a couple of weeks in September to relax at home between jobs.

Although.  “Relax” is a relative term.  Lady of leisure I am not, and never will be.  I have always felt a little lost, like my world is not right, if I am not being super productive.  I already have several projects lined up for September – a bunch of overdue paperwork (exciting – not!), decluttering our home, fitness plans (daily walks with my neighbor), watching old movies that N refuses to re-watch (Salangai Oli, here I come).  Aaah, the days are going to be packed. 🙂

The start of school is right around the corner.  Little A is ready with her school supplies and her pretty new backpack (love that Vera Bradley!).  Little N has high school orientation this morning.  Her new backpack is (hopefully) on its way to us in the mail. Soon, the hum of our year round routine will start.  Which, to be honest, I do find quite comforting.  But, before that, we are planning a mini get-away to NYC this weekend – to take in a museum, walk through Central Park, check out the latest at The Strand, eat some awesome food, and savor that last bit of summer before revving up our motors for the upcoming year.

Hope you had a wonderful summer, and are ready for September too! 🙂


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