Patience is not the ability to wait, but how you act while you’re waiting. ~ Joyce Meyer

I want patience, and I want it now!” ~ Unknown

Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” ~ Aristotle

Patience – The gift of being able to see past the emotion.” ~ Rodney Williams

Patience is the ability to count before you blast off.” ~ Unknown

Nice quotes, no?  But what’s the point?  Patience has never been my strong suit.  Took little N for a haircut over a month ago to Salon I.  The folks at Salon I are friendly, and do a fairly decent job.  But I find it v. trying that they are constantly behind schedule, casually disorganized, and quite lackadaisical about it.  It’s been the same deal every single time that I have been there (and I have been there a few times in the past).  The last time I was there with little N, we were waiting over half an hour, and my blood was just beginning to heat up.  In waltzed another lady for a haircut, and with no awareness that little N and I were sitting there (with an appointment, no less), the new arrival was taken directly to the back for her haircut.  Now, that I could not take.  I jumped up from my seat, asked the owner what sort of joint she was running (in exactly those words), said a few more angry things that I don’t quite remember now, and assured her that we won’t ever be returning to her fine establishment (now, how’s that for a dramatic exit, huh?).

But there was the small matter of little N still wanting a haircut.  Little A (Rapunzel fan) had decided that she wanted to keep her long locks, so I only had to figure out Plan B for one customer.

Asked a friend for recommendations and she suggested (desi) Salon S.  Sorry to stereotype (but ok to stereotype if I am part of the same demographic, no?), but IMHO, desis are among the most chronically “running behind the schedule” populations in the world (say it ain’t so!).  I was not thrilled.  Still, with limited choices, decided to bite the bullet and make the appointment at Salon S.  Got an appointment for yesterday at 2 pm.  “Is the appointment exactly for 2 pm, or do you typically run late?”, I asked (yes, quite anal, I know, but this is for survival).  “Yes, yes, 2 pm”, the woman replied, eager to get rid of me.  So, little N and I arrived at Salon S at 2 pm.  And, by the way, you could’ve set your clock by our arrival time (adhu!).  I promptly announced our arrival at the front desk.  The woman asked us to have a seat, and didn’t bother announcing our arrival to anyone.  I started to bristle, but somehow sat quietly for 15 minutes (which felt like a LOT to me, you’ll sympathize if you know me even a little).  Now remember, this was our first time at this place, so I didn’t know if we had another 5 minutes to wait or an hour.  After another 10 minutes, when I enquired as to how much longer it would be, a friendly woman from the back of the room smiled and said she’ll cut little N’s hair in a couple of minutes.  And proceeded to start coloring another woman’s hair at a leisurely place, all the while smiling and chatting.

Blood started boiling again.

But little N was alert this time.  “Mommy, can you please chill (don’t you LOVE that teen speak!)?  I really need to get my haircut.  Just calm down, ok?”.  Miraculously, I did indeed calm down.  It also helped that another chick came just then, and took little N inside to get her hair shampooed (so even though haircut was still a ways off, at least we were making progress).  I did feel better, and even managed to flash a fake smile at the owner who was still doing other things in the back of the room, and not cutting little N’s hair.

The haircut finally got done.  And looks super duper.  Boy, am I glad that I kept it together (well, kinda).  We came home, and loving her sister’s polished new look, my little Rapunzel suddenly had a change of heart.  “Mommy, I want a haircut too, just like Akky.  Can you make an appointment for me next week?”, little A threw my way casually.

Wish me (and more importantly, the fine take-it-easy folks at Salon S) good luck for next week! 😉


2 thoughts on “Patience

  1. Haha, perhaps little N will coach her little sister on how to handle the situation 🙂 I can relate to this although I do give a long rope and benefit of doubt.

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