The Month of Giving

If you have read my posts over the years, you know that I sometimes come up with sudden ideas (mostly cockamamie) that I like to implement over a defined period.  Thirty days, that’s my magic number.  I’ve tried new recipes, walking 10,000 steps a day, learning new paatus, etc. with varying degrees of success and one thing in common.  They have all been religiously abandoned after a few months.  But one measly month at a time?  That has always seemed eminently doable.

So, what’s the plan now, you ask?  Duh, read the title again, dude!

This month, I will give something to others every day.  I was quite taken with the movie “Pay It Forward”, which we watched a couple of months back.  Had an unexpected block of free time today – N is at a conference in VT this week, little N had a violin lesson, and little A was playing at my neighbor’s place.  I was in our local Hot Breads store, loading up on paneer croissants to tide us over till next week (it’s a rough life, what can I say?).  Saw a load of butter biscuits on display.  My sister, V, loved these as a kid, and I meant to bring some to her place when I visited her last week.  But HB was closed when I stopped by before my Portland trip, so I couldn’t get any for her.  I also saw the tamil magazine “Thendral” prominently displayed at the front of the store.  Amma loves to read this magazine (though I personally find the closely spaced tamil words supremely overwhelming).  Decided to implement my own version of pay it forward.  Picked up both the biscuits and the book, and plan to mail them to V tomorrow enroute to work.  WTH – mailing small time stuff to your own family – this is not pay it forward, you say?  True, that.  But patience, my friend.  The idea is to practice thoughtfulness towards others on a consistent basis (now, if you are going to pretend that you do this all the time, I have nothing more to say to you).  Plus, note that tomorrow we’ll still be in June.  July is going to be my month of giving.  Tomorrow’s plan is just jujubi – merely a small trial.

Watch for weekly updates, ok? 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Month of Giving

  1. That’s sweet…! I finally read Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and have been religiously following her podcast… I thought of you 🙂 I am doing so badly on my word of the year and have fallen back on my new resolution but better catching the deterioration now than end of the year. Another book that I read that is similar to Happiness Project (no exactly but somewhat) is the Year of Yes by Shondha Rhymes (Grey’s Anatomy authory). Shonda to me is like Rajini to our makkal, so my liking for the book should be taken with a pinch of salt. Nevertheless so amazed by folks who can take a thing and follow it through, and make it life changing.

    • I actually just borrowed the Year of Yes from the library earlier this week! I have listened to Shonda’s TED talk and have been wanting to read this book forever. Good to hear you loved it!

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