The girls started summer camp this week.  Little N is gearing up for high school in the Fall (seriously, where did the years go?!!), so her summer is not looking particularly idyllic.  From what I hear, the workload that’s coming her way in the next four years is not a walk in the park either.  Good luck to my munchkin is all I can say.  That, and give inward thanks that my own high school years with the interminable studying are long gone.

On the other hand, little A, headed to fifth grade, has (for now) plenty of time to idle away.  She has art and cooking camps lined up for the next few weeks, and is having a blast!  She came home blissed out on Monday, after spending all afternoon making chocolate chip cookies.  “Kids in the kitchen is the best camp”, she exclaimed, as she climbed into the back seat of the car.  I (sub-consciously on the lookout for value in every experience) noted as I drove away, “That’s great!  You learnt some new cooking techniques today at camp then, huh?”.  There was silence in the back seat for a few seconds.  Little A then said slowly as if to a v. dim-witted person, “Mommy, I have been making pate a choux cream puffs at home.  Do ya think I learnt any new techniques at camp making chocolate chip cookies?!!”.

LOVE it, when the little one goes hoity toity like that! 🙂

P.S. Yes, I looked up the spelling for pate a choux.  Left to myself, I was going to spell it patashoo. 😉


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