Me and the chickis are up in the air, half-way between Plainsboro and Portland.  I do my best thinking on airplanes.  Perhaps because I don’t particularly like binge watching movies from a tiny screen less than two feet away from my face.  Or maybe because the munchkins are seated in the row behind me so I am on my own and don’t know what to do with myself.  Sitting idly and starting at the dark monitor in front of me, I suddenly recalled that my blog has been entirely neglected for the past month.  “If not now, when?”, I thought philosophically.  Plus, had pen and paper handy in my bag, so started writing away!

Did you notice that I said me and the chickis?  That’s because N is super swamped at work and had to bail out at the last minute.  Little A was v. unimpressed.  “I don’t see why he has to cancel his ticket”, she complained.  “So what if he’s busy?  The work is not going anywhere.  It will still be there when he returns.”  Simple and profound, no?  But what to do?  Hard to relax when mind is on work that absolutely has to get done ASAP.  So.  N is on his own for Father’s Day this year. 😦

The munchkins are super excited to see their cousins.  The kids haven’t seen each other in three years!  Living in opposite ends of (a rather large) country does not help.  The three of us visited Portland in June 2013.  I wrote about it on my vacation blog.  Check it out at  Didn’t do much at all and had a lovely relaxing vacation back then.

Hoping for an encore this time! 🙂


One thought on “Mini-Break

  1. 1. Welcome back stranger. IF it takes an air travel to make you write, may you have many more.
    2. Three years? Whoa…you meet people in India oftner than that. Tsk Tsk. Say hi to your sister from me, even if she doesn’t remember me.
    3. I wondered about the “me and the chickis” too. But more from the editor budhi. 😉

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