On the Streets of Philadelphia

I am taking hump day off this week.  No, I am not going to be sitting on my couch and lounging around in my PJs.  I will be wandering the streets of Philadelphia with little A and her classmates.  Have never chaperoned any field trips so far for either of my munchkins. It simply has never come up – I have never contemplated taking an entire day off to volunteer, and my kids have never asked me to.

Except this time.  In the midst of revving up towards my intense May 7th work deadline, little A and I were filling out her school field trip forms one evening.  The last form in the packet was the chaperone sign-up sheet.  “We don’t have to fill that form, Mommy.  You won’t be able to chaperone, right?” little A said matter-of-factly.  I did not respond. Something about the way little A said it tugged at me somehow.  I was up to my eyeballs with work at that point, and pretty fed up of the Groundhog Day that my work life had become over the previous few weeks.  Seeing that I was staring blankly at the form, little A added “Or can you?”  “Sure, I can chaperone”, I replied brightly and signed up.  And that was that.

The trip to Philadelphia is tomorrow.  And truth be told I am both super excited and quite apprehensive.  I have realized that I don’t enjoy the feeling of uncertainty that comes from not being in control (illusion though that might be).  I have no idea how this chaperoning thing works.  They are calling for rain tomorrow.  I am not quite over my spring allergies yet as I had hoped.  And I will be responsible for not just my kid but a few others (whose parents, ahem, didn’t volunteer, and whose good mellow behavior I can only hope for).  Which all makes me more than mildly anxious.  As I put away the chaperone information packet that I read and re-read over the past hour, I paused to listen to my inner chatter.  And realized that I have a choice.  I mean, here it is – a whole day in the middle of the week stretching luxuriously ahead of me, and I am about to spend it with my munchkin wandering around learning about the Historic District of Philadelphia.  How delicious is that, and how silly to spend my time considering what could go wrong instead!!

Remember my word for the year – relish??  Well, tomorrow, I will remember it too. 🙂


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