Six Weeks Later

Remember I moaned and groaned about my license exam?  If you don’t remember, check out and the posts immediately before that.  Actually, I don’t really recommend it.  I was no fun that month, let me tell you.

After whining (and whining some more) about how I was getting too old for this s*&t, and how it was so tough to study, exam was exhausting, not a slam dunk, etc., six weeks eventually passed.  Of course, it goes without saying that I wasn’t much fun these past six weeks, either.  But that’s because work itself has been pretty crazy and intense, not because I kept obsessing about the exam results.  On that front, I did end up taking to heart what my friend D put so eloquently – que sera sera.  And figured that there’s really nothing much more I could do with the exam (except, God forbid, re-take it next year, if needed).

So.  With all that build-up, drum roll, please.

Aatha, naa pass aayitten!!!! 🙂


5 thoughts on “Six Weeks Later

  1. Umm…and that is surprising because? What is surprising to me is that the last line was “I topped it”…considering it is a license exam, there is no ranking…THAT’s why.


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