“There’s rock bottom, fifty feet of crap, and then me.” ~ Rachel, in Friends

First, let me assure you.  All is well.  If I had decided to behave myself and practice a little bit of gratitude, I might have even written one of my I’ll-have-what-she’s-been-drinking type “Happiness” posts.  But no.  Have decided to whine instead.  So, indulge me, ok?

Big, humungous government agency imposed work deadline is coming up on May 7th (despite the fact that it’s a Saturday).  I actually have multiple big a$$ reports due that same day.  Have gotten bleary eyed reading and re-reading first, second, and third drafts of the same reports over the past month.  Blech!  Count down to May 7th is getting seriously intolerable with each passing day, with work just piling up and piling up some more. Trying to stay positive (with great difficulty).  I mean, on the bright side, we only have a finite number of hours between now and May 7th.  How bad can it be, right?

As I said to N, though not a drinking gal, I am ready to down a bucket of beer for breakfast on Mother’s Day! 😉


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