Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth” ~ Pharrell Williams

I am soooo thrilled to tell you that one of my posts has been published on the wearetambrahm site.

Check it out at


I had written this post in September 2012 (you read it back then, didn’t you?), so it’s not particularly new.  Yet, it is giving me such an expected burst of happiness today!  Is it the vanity of seeing my full name in print?  Is it the novelty of foraying beyond the cocoon of my own blog?  Is it the “likes” from strangers on facebook, which affirms the possibility that people beyond my immediate family and friends could actually find my rambles entertaining?  Whatever the reason, just cannot seem to stop smiling today!  N says that I look like a “theyn kudicha nari”.  Good simile, no? 🙂  Although, never quite understood why a fox should like honey…. Hmmm…

I have come to realize (being the Zen Master that I am) that you should pay close attention to what makes you happy.  And cling on tight to it like cling wrap (is this the right analogy?).  After all, doing things that you love is what gives your life meaning.  Enna, too philosophical for you?  For me, too.  But, you know what I mean.  I really need to chew on this.  And maybe do a little more writing, along with the chewing.

But for now, I am just smiling and floating around the house, as though I’ve won some Pulitzer prize.  Good that I am easily pleased, no? 😉


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