I am a huge fan of quotes.  Have you checked out my Favorite Quotes page (https://momto2cuddlebugs.wordpress.com/favorite-quotes/) recently?  I added several new ones this week (aaah, the sheer delight of vettiness after finishing exam – priceless!).

I am constantly on the lookout for quotes.  Would love to hear from you about quotes that you enjoy!


9 thoughts on “Quotes

  1. You have a nice collection here. I am a lover of quotes and sayings too, which is why I have no shame in getting or buying Hallmark cards…! I do put up my favorite ones on my google plus account. If you feel up to it, and if you have a gmail account, send a note to suman dot murali at gmail dot com, I will add you to my circle.

    • Don’t have a gmail account, unfortunately. “Suman Murali”??!! Here I had you pegged as Mahalakshmi, and actually have an image of how you look! Hmmm… my entire belief system is now shaken. 😉

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