One Afternoon

My exam is going to be held bright and early on March 15th (warned you already that I’d write several posts about the looming exam, didn’t I?).  Should be done by noon at the latest.  One of my colleagues, who is also taking the exam, exclaimed “No way I am coming back to the office in the afternoon!  I will be out on a golf course by lunch time. I totally deserve a break.”  Now, the concept of “I totally deserve a break” is not something that typically occurs to worker bee moi, but still, I am a fast learner.  Decided immediately that I ain’t going back to the office that afternoon either.

Found myself wondering — what should I do that afternoon?  “Hit the bar right after the exam” seems to be the appropriate response.  Except that I don’t drink.  Instead of the bar, planning to hit “Bar”nes and Noble instead.  Have numerous new books on my list that I am absolutely dying to check out, but have resisted nobly and instead trudged through technical guidance and regulations over the past few weeks.  After all, can read books to all of eternity after passing exam, no?

It dawned on me that that’s my thing.  Reading.  It always has been.  I mean, even when I was little, I would race to the local library after finishing my school exams to return with a pile of books taller than me, and spend most (if not all) of my summer reading.  In evaluating other options for my afternoon of indulgence, briefly wondered if I should perhaps invite a friend to meet me for lunch to catch up on goings on.  But even the thought made me mildly anxious.  Cannot decompress after an intense couple of weeks of studying and exam-taking by socializing, that’s just not me.

So tell me, if you suddenly had a luxurious free afternoon in the middle of the week to do whatever you want, what is it that you would do?

Makes you learn somethings about yourself, no? 🙂



6 thoughts on “One Afternoon

  1. I would clean the house listening to my favorite podcast..! One afternoon is not much time, between coming home and the evening duties begin, it’s only 4 hours maximum.

  2. 🙂 🙂 Had to comment! Love to read your blog. I would not want to plan something for just an afternoon after an already stressful two weeks.

    I would probably eat a fabulous lunch and take a nice siesta and wake up to the luxury of the regular evening routine with the family that I had been missing because of the dang exam! Would celebrate over the weekend leisurely. I feel I am too old for such excitement in my life anymore as well 🙂 🙂

    Best wishes for your exam!!


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