Six Word Weekend

Do you remember that I used to do six word spins?  No, I am sure you don’t.  So check out

if you want a quick refresher.

So.  Suddenly remembered that I used to do this.  And came up with several this weekend.  Not a coincidence that I am studying for my environmental professional license right now.  I always do my best at miscellaneous unrelated activities (like blogging, cooking, etc.), when I have work deadlines looming wildly.  It is highly likely that I will write daily between now and March 15th (my exam date) whining about my test prep progress (or lack thereof), so consider yourself forewarned.

Alright, ready for the six word spins?

  • Sipping latte, prepping for exam, ugh!
  • Why memorize when you can lookup?
  • Getting too old for this s&^t.
  • Lunch’s more yummy when others cook.
  • Sunday morning bhajans, halo around head.
  • Sucked wind big time leading bhajans. 😦
  • Haven’t sucked this much at anything.
  • In a long, long, long time.
  • Hmmmm…. falling facedown is oddly liberating!
  • Gently scraped car against garage door.
  • Turned out to be N’s car.
  • N patiently cleaned it up nicely.
  • He’s my trooper, my love bug!
  • Donated ancient couch to Salvation Army.
  • Half-empty living room – mildly disturbing.
  • Have to go furniture shopping today.
  • And figure out athletic club membership.
  • Also need to buy weekly groceries.
  • Viscerally dislike shopping of any kind.

Bottomline Conclusion: You ready for it?

Some weekends much better than others. 😉


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