Share the Load

Having grown up in India at a time when there were only a couple of TV shows playing every night, I have always loved watching commercials.  Stumbled on this one from Ariel detergent last night while trolling around on FB.  And man, was I blown away!  The ad is moving and haunting, and has an awesome and important message.  Kudos to the folks at Ariel (if I lived in India right now, no prizes for guessing what detergent I’d be switching to)!

After sharing the video with N and Amma, I went to find my chickis.  Interrupted little N in the middle of her violin practice and watched it with her (while N was doing the dishes and putting away stuff in the kitchen).  Little N was v. impressed too.  Went on to give her a little spiel about how when she’s all grown up and has her own family, she shouldn’t bear all burden of housework, and that she should make sure her husband chips in.  Little N replied, “Mommy, I would just say to my husband “Honey, I am tired, can you do all the work instead?“, how about that?”.  Not bad, little N will manage alright in the world, I thought.

Little A (who had just spent a couple of hours laboring over a pencil sketch of a humming bird and a flower, and was deliciously tired and ready for bed) was feeling less charitable. We watched the video and I gave the same little spiel to little A.  Little A remarked (a tad belligerently, “Well, if my husband doesn’t help with housework, I will just kick his face in”.

Ok, then!  That’s two out of two.

N and I have taught our girls well, no? 😉


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