Compliments to the Chef

Today’s Menu: Take it or Leave it”

It has been a lazy sunday with no scheduled activities for anyone.  We have not had a day like this in ages.  With a balmy 60 deg F and intermittent rain and sunshine, it was absolutely the best kind of day to hang out at home, read, and do nothing much at all.  The laid-back, take-it-easy mood carried into dinner time.  In the mood for short-cuts, I looked around in the fridge, found some cooked rice, quinoa, and paruppu, and decided to combine the three into an ad hoc pongal.  The green chutney from the morning’s breakfast will give the pongal enough oomph, I decided.

I watched the kids start on their dinner, kind of unsure of what their reaction might be to the “dhideer” pongal.  I asked them how their dinner was.  Little N asked if I made it a different way this time.  It tasted good, but just not as creamy as usual, she said.  Ok, I can live with “not creamy”, I decided with a satisfied sigh, congratulating myself on pulling off a nice, healthy, no-effort, dinner.

Then, I heard little A muttering, “This must be how jail food tastes in India.”  “Huh, whaaat?”, I exclaimed in disbelief, laughing hard, like the rest of the family.  Little A was not done.  “Nah, prison food would probably taste better”, she concluded, v. matter-of-factly.  Finished dinner with a berry smoothie and a super yum red velvet cake that little A had made earlier in the evening.

Hmmmm…. looks like I cannot get away with anything around here!  Best to retire that dhideer pongal from my culinary repertoire, huh? 😉


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