Year in Review – 2015

I have written a “year in review” post every year since I started blogging. So decided to catch that train this year as well.  The biggest thing that I am noticing at this time, as I re-read my older posts, is that I am more serious and sort of older this year.  I mean, I sound so light and breezy in my past several end of the year posts.  Duh, you are older this year, you say?  That’s not the point.  For a year where my word was “lighten up”, this is not the post that I was expecting to write.  Anyway, it is what it is.  Will keep “lighten up” as a moving target for 2016 (hmmm… sounds suspiciously like some of my never-ending work projects!).

I have gotten a jumpstart on my word for 2016, though, and am totally relishing the holidays (eeeek, only four more days to go!).  Wandered aimlessly around NYC in surreal 71 deg F weather on Christmas eve, and hung out with friends old and new, and extended family every day since.  Nothing more delightful than reconnecting with your loved ones (over hours and hours of chatting and games, yummy food, and masala chai).  Mmmmm….bliss!

Wishing you fun, friendship, good health and prosperity in 2016, and hoping for lots of the same! 🙂


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