Hangin’ In

This is the longest that I have gone without blogging, I think.  Almost a whole month.  It has been quite a rough month.  Amma arrived from India in late November.  She has been having health issues since October, and this continues to keep us on our toes.  Still, I feel like we have been blessed with much good luck.  So, here’s my thanksgiving list, somewhat belated, for all the miracles of the past month.

  • Amma’s safe departure from Chennai in the middle of all the historic flooding.  This one’s the biggest miracle, I think.
  • Our friend, R, who was fortuitously traveling back to NJ at that time, and was able to accompany Amma on her flight and assist her through missed flight connections and airport changes.
  • Amma’s new tenant in Chennai, who informed me today that over 4 feet of water entered our apartment, but not to worry, he has cleaned everything out, and will be moving back on Monday.  Amma found this tenant for the apartment merely a week before her departure for NJ.  I cannot imagine what a hassle it would have been if Amma had just decided to leave the place locked up.
  • My awesome primary doctor, who took one look at Amma the day after she arrived, and made the correct diagnosis right away.
  • My v. understanding boss, who lets me take time off as needed for doctor’s appointments or just a breather.
  • The upcoming holidays, which will give us all quality time together at home, and hopefully speed up Amma’s recovery.

That’s a long list already, but I am greedy, and am praying for a few more specific miracles in the next couple of weeks, to clearly set Amma on her road to recovery.  It hasn’t been easy, and over the past month, I haven’t always felt as positive as the tone of my writing suggests.  Still, I truly believe that the way through tough times is to count your blessings.  I remembered this song from my school days and actually sang it out loud a couple of times (Where else? In my car, of course, while driving to work) to reassure myself:

“Are you ever burdened with a load of care?

Does the load seem heavy you are asked to bear?

Count your blessings, name them one by one,

And it will surprise you what the lord has done.”

I find myself leaning more towards religion these past few weeks.  And quite looking forward to participating with Amma in several upcoming poojas at our local temple over the next month.  I had written before about my struggles with keeping my faith after Appa’s sudden illness and passing.  I feel like I am finding my way back, coming full circle.  And that, of itself, is something else to be grateful for.


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