Touche 2

I was hanging out in the kitchen last night with N and little A.  Our teen little N was minding her business and doing her homework in another room.  Little A wanted our company while she did her homework (and I am v. thankful for that).  So, there we were the three of us, one doing homework and the other two catching up on the day.

Yesterday, I had spent quite a chunk of my lunch break listening to one of my colleagues vent about another colleague, her nemesis.  While it was mildly entertaining for a while, I was soooo done with the conversation while she was only half way through her rant. Overall, the interaction left a bad taste in my mouth, of time wasted and negative energy needlessly spewed around.  Still, last night, I chose to download in detail to N all about my colleague’s venting.

As I went on and on (almost as aggravatingly as my colleague did, I am sure), little A, (who I thought) was quietly sitting nearby doing her homework, suddenly remarked “Mommy, don’t major in minor things.”

She was only quoting one of my kitchen blackboard entries from a few weeks ago, but man, was I blown away!

Maybe I should start a separate blog for little A’s touche talk, huh? And perhaps mind what I write on that blackboard as well!  😉


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