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I currently have this quote on our kitchen blackboard, mainly to remind myself to get to a few things that I have been postponing indefinitely.  This morning, little A asked if I could drop her in school instead of her taking the bus as usual.  I didn’t have any meetings till 10 am, so I agreed.  So.  Little A’s breakfast was even more leisurely than usual.  While mixing her cereal and milk, she read the quote out loud.  And came up with a response – “Nothing”.

“What!!”, I exclaimed, “can you please explain why you think “nothing” is the way to go?”  Little A looked me straight in the eye (my favorite part of my little arguments with her).  “Mommy, do you remember what exactly you did one year ago?” “Exactly today, last year”, she clarified with emphasis.  I paused to consider this, and conceded “Hmmmm….well, I don’t know exactly what I was doing on October 27th last year”.  “Ok, what’s the point of doing it then?”, concluded little A triumphantly.

Well.  If you put it like that. 😉


2 thoughts on “Touche

  1. Smart girl.
    BTW, you guys do lead a very philosophic life, don’t you? The last philosophic thing I told V was “if you don’t fold your blanket, it is just going to lie there…don’t expect me to do it”. Sigh !

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