Space Mountain Saga

We were in Florida over spring break.  Of course, what’s a trip to Florida without (re-) visiting the hallowed and over-priced Disney World.  As we were sitting in our family room a few weeks before trying to figure out which rides to fast pass, our (then pre-teen) little N highly recommended Space Mountain.  Now, N and I are not major fans of roller coasters (huge understatement, that).  In the days of yore, when the little guys didn’t have (much of) an opinion yet, Space Mountain was never on our radar.  Still, at the teen’s insistence, checked out wait times for SM and saw that it was one of the most popular rides at Disney with a whopping expected wait time of 90 minutes.  That (and that alone) sealed the deal for me.  How cool would it be to thumb our noses at the folks in the regular line and fast track to one of the most popular rides (never mind that I didn’t actually want to ride the ride)!

So.  Soon enough, off we went sprinting down the fast lane to SM.  Except that when we got there, I didn’t really want to be there anymore. Too late!  The staff rapidly strapped us in.  And there was no way to clutch and cling to the person next to you either – the seats were all single buckets.  And so, suddenly, we were each alone in outer space for what felt like the longest three minutes of my life.

What followed was v. interesting (to me) from a purely sociological perspective.  Turns out that, during the ride, 50% of the family thought only of themselves, and the other 50% thought only of their “babies”.  And the 50/50 didn’t breakdown the way you might imagine.  Here’s what went through each of our minds during the ride (yes, we compared notes afterwards):

Me: Oh God!  I hope little A is ok.  I hope she doesn’t get flung out of this crazy ride.  Please let her be safe (Interestingly, little N never crossed my mind once – that’s what happens if you are too self-sufficient!).

Little N: My phone, my phone, I really hope it doesn’t fall out of my pocket in the dark.

N (fed up and resigned): Ok, I am soooo ready for this s&%t ride to end.

Little A (who was convinced that this was going to be Doomsday for her): Goodbye everyone, I will see you when you goodbye (my poor little baby!).

See any personality trends here? 😉

Wrapped up the blood-curdling space travel with buckets of ice cream, popcorn, and the more zen-like “It’s a Small World”.  Don’t think I will return to space anytime soon.

This astronaut has left the building. 🙂


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