A Different Golu Season

Golu season is again firmly upon us, and the girls and I are eagerly looking forward to visiting with friends and catching up over sundal and songs every evening for the next nine days.  But there are several changes this year.  For one, we didn’t keep Golu and won’t be hosting a get-together this year (BIG change that one, you say?).  N’s Chittappa passed away last November, and as a mark of respect to him (and a nod to tradition), we did not celebrate any festivals over the past year.  The girls didn’t learn new songs like they usually do for our sundal rounds, and I didn’t push them.  It was a busy summer with an India trip thrown in, and there are only so many hours in the day.  So.  I will be the sole sundal earner for our family this year.  And I intend to skip the singing too, unless the host is persistent (in which case, I do have a few new songs tucked away under my belt).  Major attitude change from last year’s aggressive paatu practice sessions from mid-summer onwards.

But, in what is perhaps the most interesting change, I am noticing that the number of my Golu invites is fewer than usual.  With the missing (!) invites mostly from people who I consider casual acquaintances rather than close friends.  Hmmmm…. are a lot of other folks not celebrating Golu this year either?  Unlikely.  “Mommy, are you getting more unpopular with time, tsk, tsk…”, remarked little N grinning at me.  “Am I?“, I wondered briefly in a moment of self-doubt, I will confess (to you and you only).  But what makes the most sense to me is that perhaps in the past years, my (usually early) invites triggered a return invite from those acquaintances, so I am not really on their radar when my invite doesn’t first hit their door.  Interesting, no?

Will I be making (ahem!) modifications to my guest list for next year’s Golu?  Take a wild guess! 😉


2 thoughts on “A Different Golu Season

  1. Ha, I found your theory on invitations amusing but very real. We do golu too but the event management part of the whole festival is my least favorite part. Seeing the boys build something for the golu and problem solving for the golu padi with the husband are my most favorite parts.

  2. Age, mom2twocuddlebugs…AGE. My guest list is a shadow of what it used to be, and the reason is age (and the terrible traffic on the road).

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