This blog has been all but forgotten in the past six weeks or so.  Don’t really have a good reason except that this summer has been soooo busy!  Just returned from a short trip to India. There’s always so much to do there, people to catch up with, and never enough time.  Traveled to Kerala – our first time traveling within India with the munchkins, and with both grandmas.  A verrrry interesting experience.

Kerala is truly God’s Own Country.  The awe-inspiring natural beauty reminded us so much of Kauai and Maui.  In India, we also spent time visiting extended family, shopping, eating (oh, the eating!), and sleeping.  Planned extensively to meet up with school friends but didn’t.  Remembered that we didn’t take a single photo during our last trip, and took over a 1000 pics this time.  Learnt how to use little N’s selfie stick – super fun!  Back home now – the Grand Sweets murukku and mixture packs are all open and are being consumed at top speed, and the re-start of the grind next week is looming (eeek!).

But first things first.  Check out some quirky pics below.

No Barmuda for you!

No Barmuda for You!

Chennai Airport

Say What Again?

Woman on top!

Woman on Top!

Never shy for Chai!

Never Shy for Chai!

India's Independence Day Newspaper from August 15, 1947.

India’s Independence Day Newspaper from August 15, 1947


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