I can’t believe how little I wrote during all of June!  Summer is truly here and kicking.  Things have been busy with adjusting to the new rhythm of summer camps, evening activities, work, cooking, yard work (for N), and weekend outings.  On some nights, N and I are soooo tired and ready to crash even before 9 pm.  The only things that keep us going are the lovely long daylight hours (shameful to be in bed when the sun is still out, no?).  Needless to say, did zilch about my June resolution to meditate more.

Actually, think I am entirely done with making resolutions for this year (how much can a monkey jump?).  At this point, it would be awesome if I can just keep up with the ambitious ones already thrown out there during the first few months!

Motivation to cook is getting harder to find these days.  Something about warm summer days that makes you want to eat light (and cook even lighter).  Hopefully the family feels the same way.

Did find time to update my favorite quotes page (how come some things come so easily and others just don’t?).  Check out the new entries at https://momto2cuddlebugs.wordpress.com/favorite-quotes/

Moved up (a notch) at work.  The next move up is a major milestone (and will likely take lots of grit, time, strategizing, and everything else under the sun), so savoring this one that came (relatively) easily. 🙂

Have you heard of Glamping?  Neither had I, until quite recently.  Will be trying it out very soon.  You’ll be the first to hear how it went!


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