Snack Sign-Up

I got an email this morning from the room mom in little A’s class.  She was writing to inform parents about the end of the year class party, and was asking us to sign up to send in snacks for the party.  I had put away some groceries earlier, and had seen a huge bag of pretzels that we had got from Costco sitting in the pantry.  As little N is the only one who eats those, it is going to take us a while to get through the bag.  “I am going to sign up to send pretzels for your class party”, I remarked brightly to little A (orrey kallula rendu manga!).

The girl fixed me with a look.

“Mommy, Are you offering to send pretzels just because we have a big bag at home?  Nobody is going to eat those.  Can you please send a snack that my friends will actually eat?  How about some cocoa batons?”

Before I could open my mouth about the relative cost of cocoa batons, needing to make a trip to the store just to buy them, etc., little A said sweetly, “If cocoa batons are too expensive, maybe you can just buy one box and we can cut up the batons so that each kid gets one half.  Is that ok?”

Swallowed the multi-various scroogish comments I was about to make.  And told little A that cocoa batons were a GREAT idea, and that we should pick up two boxes to make sure everyone had enough, and then there would be a few extras if anyone wanted a second.

This kid keeps me honest, I say! 🙂


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