N is away at a week-long conference in NH.  Feels like years since he left, even though it’s only been five days.  That’s a good thing, no?  Can’t wait for his return on Friday!

Basement finishing is coming along swimmingly.  Have major plans for all that extra space, hope it doesn’t get clutter-bugged as soon as it’s ready!

After signing up on the zenhabits website for the 30 day challenge to meditate more, I have done zero meditation.  Seems like this external accountability thing is not for me, huh?  Or maybe it’s too anonymous, and there’s just not enough accountability here for me.  Just not working.

The kids have been v. cooperative, in N’s absence.  Little N baked us a yum pineapple cake one night and helped me load and unload the dishwasher right after.  I was in Mommy heaven that evening, let me tell you.

I am getting (a little) better with helicoptering after little N.  I allowed her to walk to Red Berry with a friend yesterday after school, and didn’t call or text her once, follow her around in the car, remind her to come right back, or do anything silly like that.  Of course, she was back home within half an hour, so can’t take too much credit.  Still.  Small steps.  I am trying.

School closes next week!  Have a bunch of mini-trips planned (Glamping in July!!), and one mega trip to Motherland in August.  Mmmm…. Summer.  Can’t wait for you!! 🙂


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