Little A got braces put in yesterday.  A mouth full of metal now.  It’s going to be a tough couple of weeks till she gets used to it.  The little one is being a trooper though, liquid mush diet notwithstanding.

Quit paatu class yesterday.  I may start up again soon with another teacher, or I may just hang out for a bit.  For how much I have been enjoying paatu class, feel like I am in an oddly liberated place right now.  Go figure!

N picked up a badminton set from Costco a couple of days back.  We’ve been having a ton of fun with it, all four of us.  The simplest things in life are truly free.  Or less than $40. 😉

We are getting our basement finished, and the guys were sanding the walls yesterday.  To keep dust from flying every which way, we were asked to turn off the AC and close all vents.  Did so, in 90 degrees F weather.  Kept fans running in every room, and windows open late into the evening.  With all the heat and humidity, I suddenly felt v. nostalgic for India.  Was especially reminded of hopelessly sitting around in uncomfortable conditions during power cut.  No need to be too nostalgic, though.  India trip is coming up this summer.  I am sure that we will see our fair share of power failure when we are there.

My resolution for June is “Meditation”.  I am going to find at least five minutes every day to just sit with myself and watch my thoughts.  Should be interesting.  I decided to give it a jump start today.  What better time to start June resolution than in May?  After a nice sunday brunch out, N went shopping for his yard work, the girls were watching their afternoon TV, and I had nothing to do.  So, I started meditating.  Well, sort of.  After turning on the AC (after one whole day of letting dust settle), I lay down comfortably enjoying the feel of the rapidly cooling room, and started watching my breath (as all good meditation books advise).  The next thing I knew, it was 45 minutes later, and I had unintentionally taken a delightful little nap in the middle of a sunday afternoon.  No complaints, maybe June resolutions are best left for June. 🙂


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