The Beach

“Put away your screens, and put on sunscreen!”

Heartily agree with this commercial that caught my eye enroute to the beach.

Memorial Day.  Traditionally, the first back to the beach day in this part of the world.  With summer-esque 87 degree F weather and clear blue skies, we expected the beach to be packed. And were pleasantly surprised with how crowd-free the beach was.  Hung out for several hours soaking in the sun, building sand castles, napping, reading, and snacking. Tentatively dipped a toe in the water.  Nope, still a little early for that.  Especially after the long winter and fickle spring that we have been having.  Will go back in a couple of weeks (maybe with some friends, molaga bajjis, and masala chai in tow), hopefully the water would have warmed up by then!

P.S.  Remember the pollen free spring day that I was wishing for?  Think it’s finally here for me, but I am too scared to say something and jinx it.  Eeeeek!!  Just did.  Well.  Hope it’s really true.  I am soooo done with allergies, and can’t wait to get on with my summer!


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