Free food at work is hard to resist.  There were three large pizzas sitting on our office kitchen table this afternoon.  With breadsticks (that surely looked better than they would have tasted) and garlic sauce thrown in for good measure as well.  I was soooo tempted to grab a slice.  Or at least one little breadstick with a dip of the sauce.  But I paused.  And held out.  Asked myself if I really needed to consume greasy calorie bombs when I wasn’t really hungry.  Steeled my nerves, filled up my mug with hot water (the reason that I was standing in the kitchen in the first place), and pulled away, wondering why I find it so hard to resist free food.  But there it was, the answer, right there.  It’s free – I am always a sucker for a good deal.  And I am as much of a foodie as you can get.  How could I not be tempted?

Still.  Reminded myself that I am trying to eat low carb (or at least, lower carb) these days, and snacking at 2 pm just because pizza materialized on the kitchen table isn’t going to help anyone.  As I sat sipping my hot water and getting on with work, I felt grateful for that pause that pointed me in the right direction.

A little mindfulness is a wonderful thing!


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