Man, feels like years since I last wrote.  Things have been super busy on the home front and at work.  Pollen allergies are at their best this time of the year – that can’t be helping, right?  Still.  Feel like we’ve done a ton of stuff already in May.

  • Had fun hosting a couple of friends and extended family (nothing gets your house cleaned faster than the impending arrival of house guests)
  • Attended little N’s violin orchestra performance, and little A’s piano recital
  • Celebrated N’s 42nd birthday yesterday (although stole 50% of the limelight, as well as his breakfast-in-bed, with whole Mother’s Day situation)
  • Participated in 5K Mother’s Day walkathon with little N
  • Held out beautifully during paatu class despite pollen-induced croaky voice (this too shall pass – pollen, not paatu class)
  • Fielded multiple work deadlines with aplomb (although we’ll see how long that lasts)

Busy busy it has been.  Will be really glad to show pollen season the door.  The sneezing and wheezing get tiresome pretty fast.  But otherwise, no complaints.  Loving the lovely warm weather and ready for beach season! 🙂


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