I have been pursuing one resolution a month in 2015.  My goal for January was to try something new every day.  I tackled decluttering in February, attempted to listen more in March, and aimed for fun and fitness in April.  That’s a lot of goals for a third of a year, no?  So.  May is going to be my “catch up” month.  No new goals for May, the plan is just to do more towards the lofty goals already in place.

So.  In May, I will do better with my paatu practice (have reached a point where I am confusing teacher with my off-key notes).  I will clear out my closet (donate stuff I never use, and keep stuff off the closet floor), will engage more with family and friends (really pay attention to what people are saying rather than just wait for my turn to talk), and will walk and bike more (two walkathons coming up in the next couple of months).

Oh, will also keep in mind super lofty goal for the year – “Lighten Up”. 🙂


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