The chickis and I were on our way to a doctor’s appointment earlier today.  We drove past the Montessori school where both munchkins spent their pre-school years.  The place where little N, at age 2, wondered why I dropped her off when the sun was in the sky, and only picked her up after the moon came out (high level working mom guilt situation!!).

“Can we go visit the Montessori school someday?” little A asked from the back seat.  “Yes, we should visit someday”, I replied automatically focusing on getting to the doctor’s office on time.  “Can we go today?” little A tried again.  “Maybe, if we get done early at the doctor’s”, I said.  We were in and out of the doctor’s office in less than 20 minutes (what are the odds of that happening?).  So, made the left turn into the Montessori rather than drive straight home.

Best. decision. ever.

Mrs. C, who taught both little N and little A couldn’t believe her eyes!  After big hugs all around and exclamations about how much the girls had grown, Mrs. C reminisced fondly about

  • how little N came to school one day and announced that she was going to be a big sister
  • how little A liked to play on the swings, and little N used to sunbathe on a towel during hot summer afternoons
  • how little A used to pick at her lunch (which used to bug Mrs. C endlessly)
  • how little N used to remind Mrs. C to not be selfish and share her popcorn

And many other little things that I didn’t realize anyone other than N or me still remembered about the munchkins.  It’s been eight years since little N graduated from Montessori, and four years since little A did.  We haven’t been back since little A graduated, so our little detour today was extra special.

Made me really happy that instead of “someday”, we chose today. 🙂


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