Deep Thoughts

Little A and I were in the car, on the way to pick up little N and three of her friends from an afterschool activity.  As we passed Red Berry, little A asked if we could stop there on the way back from Akky’s school, and get some frozen yogurt.  I said, yes, we could, but we’ll need to drop off the carpool kids first.  “Why?”, little A wanted to know, “I am sure Akky’s friends would love to have frozen yogurt too”.

Decided that it was time to educate this particular munchkin in the ways of the world.  “Sure, they would love to have frozen yogurt.  Who wouldn’t?  But I cannot spend three to four dollars each on snack for five kids, when I only have two kids”, I said, feeling a little scroogish by the time I was done talking.

There was silence in the back seat as little A processed this, but only for a few seconds.

She said, “But Mommy, you know how, in the beginning of the world, there were only two people, and everyone came from that one man and one woman?  Doesn’t that mean that we are all related to one another?  So, your money is really their money too (!!!).  It’s ok for you to buy them yogurt.”

Man, was I blown away!!!


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