Went to Florida for spring break.  And to celebrate our 17th anniversary (getting old real fast here!!).  While looking back on our vacation and considering whether to write a post about it or to just be lazy and let it go, I suddenly remembered my six word memoirs.  So, that’s what you are getting.  A few dozen (not necessarily six word) pithy updates about the land of citrus and sunshine.

  • Traffic jam and missed flight from JFK (waaaah!!)
  • Anniversary dinner at airport diner (vera vazhi?)
  • Looooong wait to finally get on flight
  • The ritzy Amelia Island
  • Yummy breakfast at Ms. Carolyn’s
  • Biking around the tree-lined town
  • Segway adventures for N and little N
  • Water slides at the pool
  • Surf lessons for little N
  • Dinner at Nile Ethiopian (twice!)
  • Sugar sand and shell lined beaches at Amelia
  • Lazy afternoon walking around old St. Augustine
  • Universal Studios, Magic Kingdom and Busch Gardens (yikes, the crowds!!)
  • Roller coasters (surprised myself by actually enjoying “Great Thunder Mountain Railroad” and “Log Flume”)
  • Popcorn, churros, and lemonade while waiting in line for the rides
  • South Indian Thali at Woodlands (yum! And thayir sadam hit the spot after five days of Mexican and Italian.)
  • Vile food at Udipi Tampa (che, ridiculous what passes for desi food sometimes at these restaurants)
  • Ziplining at Gatorland (just the two munchkins)
  • Playing Truth and Lies (a game we made up) while waiting for our lunch to show up
  • Temperatures that ranged from a pleasant “life is good” 70 degrees F in the mornings to a blazing 90+ degrees F at mid-day (which on a couple of occasions, led to bickering and crankiness, mostly on my part)
  • Cold fresh squeezed lemonade (that neutralized a lot of the bickering and let peace prevail once again)
  • Bright sunshine and quick downpour at the same time
  • Surrey biking in Palm Harbor
  • Sunset at Clearwater Beach
  • Lunch at 4 pm on some days, followed by a Rishi’s dinner of oranges and water
  • East Coast Chihuly and hot glass blowing
  • The delightful Inkwood Books (we are big fans of local bookstores)
  • Back to scenic JFK!

And last, but not least,

  • Arrival lunch at our own lovely local Mithaas (idhu dhaan da chole bhatura!)

The sweetest part of a vacation, we have realized over time, is getting back home with a couple of days to spare.  That’s just enough time to get through mountains of laundry, ooh and aah over vacation pics, stock up on milk, vendakkai and karuveppalai, make a bucket of that all important idli mavu, enjoy the (remaining tiny bit of) freedom to take an afternoon nap, and hunker down for the biggest roller coaster of ’em all – the upcoming work week. 😉


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