Marching On

My resolution for March was to “Listen”.  The big thing that came out of it was not big ears (thank you very much), and not even improved listening to the people around me (which, I know, was little N’s hope).  Planning to continue working on that.  In March, I started to listen in a very literal sense of the word.

My favorite happines author, Gretchen Rubin, recently started podcasting little bites of happiness and habits advice.  I initially didn’t listen to any of it.  My perspective was “Who has time to listen to podcasts, anyway?  Just give me the transcripts and I will read through it on my own time.”  But early one morning, as I was finishing listening to the Suprabhatham by MSS, I was in the mood to hear something different.  As N might put it, something in a language that I do understand.  I remembered Gretchen’s podcast, tuned in, and was quite entertained for the next 20 minutes as I packed lunches.  But since Gretchen only has five podcast episodes to date, I quickly ran out of stuff to listen to.  I googled “happiness podcasts” to continue the happiness theme, and was v. unimpressed to hear a bunch of folks droning on and on in serial killer like montones (that’s what I thought when I heard them, don’t ask me why!).  Quickly realized that I needed to be selective.  Hmmmm…. I wondered about where I could listen to podcasts that had been reasonably vetted.  Realized that I enjoyed Gretchen’s podcasts because I have read her books.  Wondered briefly if Sheryl Sandberg did podcasts.  Suddenly, a light bulb went off.  TED talks!!!

Since that light bulb moment, I have listened to several inspiring TED talks on parenting, food allergies, teen innovators, sleep, compassion, you name it.  Last night, after dinner, we watched Sheryl Sandberg’s “Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders”, which I thought had important messages for the chickis.  Plus, this gives us a chance to do something different together as a family.  Double bonus!

Mmmmm…. The possibilities are endless!! 🙂


One thought on “Marching On

  1. I love TED talks too but don’t listen to them because I tend to get addicted to them. I have been lately into inspirational talk as well (I still read the transcripts..I retain stuff I read better than stuff I hear). Is it age ?

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