Memory Box

Went to Michael’s today to spend the gift card that V sent to little A for her birthday.  As little A wandered the aisles for hours figuring out her purchases, I had some spare time of my own to wander around the store and check out the wares.  That’s when I saw these really cute boxes (for only $2 each!).  And thought how cool would it be to make these into memory boxes for the girls.  A childhood-in-a-nut-shell keepsake for them when they grow up and leave home.

Now, what would go in these memory boxes?  I came up with some ideas:

  • Their birth announcements
  • Our holiday card from the end of 2006, the year that we became a family of four
  • Letters to Santa written by the chickis over the years
  • One special picture from each vacation
  • Kindergarten report cards
  • Concert announcements
  • Pictures of their special first love stuffed animals
  • Their first little onsies (if I can find them)
  • Letters from the paatis
  • Birthday wishes from best friends
  • Blog posts that are specifically about the chickis (hmmmm…. would that be all of my posts?!)

The possibilities are endless.  This is new to me, this sort of creativity.  Soooo looking forward to filling up the boxes!! 🙂



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